Simply put, I like the fact that we may travel on the same road together but it will also always be yours alone because of perception and time.

My work investigates the physical and metaphorical connections of the transient paths, roads, and gateways from the perspective of the individual.  Systematically universal tracks, grids and roads are reconfigure to represent the multitude of possibilities and connections.  My work embraces the path of the multi-dimensional being and the paths we choose. As these paths are built each one will be different from the next, no two alike. Our individual paths are the horizon line of our landscape on the great open road.

My interdisciplinary approach uses a wide range of materials and methods.  Resisting categorization my drawings become plans, plans become sculptures, sculpture become Site-Specific. The concept is boundlessly in its expression as I utilize materials to metaphorically express familiar and unfamiliar relationships to viewers. Most recently I have been drawn to unconventional industrial materials inspired by the DIY culture in relation to the context. Most of the works are based on  preexisting structures, such as the Olympic Track are divided up into sections, shuffled like a deck of cards and placed by chance and instinct. Cement dye is brushed on to tar paper and Kitchen mats are transformed into tracks. A new track is ultimately created each time, leading to a different views of the same pieces rather than going around in circles again and again.

My public and site-specific work brings together my vision with a universal and archetypal symbolism, the vernacular of a given site or culture, and the evolution of the complex relationship between the built environment , the individual and the natural world. 

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